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PEC-20-12 11/14/2019 de 6:00PM a 8:00PM

Lcdo. Luis Correa

With the rapidly growing cannabis industry, the need for quality testing is essential.  All along the supply chain from growers to extractors to dispensaries there is a growing desire for in-house testing, but for in-house staff who have little or no previous experience in chromatography, knowing what is possible and where to start can be a challenge.

This course will give a basic introduction to what a gas chromatograph is and how it works. A look some of the key applications (Potency, Terpene & Residual Solvent Testing) for the Cannabis industry that can be performed on simple, cost-effective gas chromatography system, and a live demonstration of a GC analysis.

  • Understand how GC works and its capabilities
  • Learn some of the areas cannabis is used and why testing is needed.
  • Understand which Cannabis Applications GC can be used for
  • Understand how those applications would be performed
  • Understand how to interpret and present the results


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