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PEC-19-19 02/12/2019
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Dr. Alexis Morales

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a group of modern manufacturing technologies that are used to produce three dimensional prototypes from digital representations.   In conventional processes, 2D models are used where in the AM process 3D models are used.  The 3D geometric data is divided into layers that are constructed directly with computer’s assistance.

As the global economy enters what many call the New Industrial Revolution, new technologies such as 3D printing are enabling an array of new business opportunities such as distributed design and manufacturing, supply chain services, and the increasingly localized production. As part of the 3D transformation, HP 3D Printing plays an important role in this era where the design, prototyping and parts production will radically change.  HP is providing to the Multi Jet fusion users the ability to prototype and produce new designs on the same platform and stay ahead with a future technology for voxel control for color and beyond, enabling the design and production of previously unconceivable applications.   HP PR Analytical Lab has added 3D powder characterization to their scope as part of the 3D Printing strategy. The lab capabilities provide the information needed to validate the quality of the 3D powders manufacturing, supply manufacturing, response to potential quality issue, and support to powders qualification.

Part of the technical support scope is to measure the powder critical parameters (Thermal Properties [Tm, Tc], Solution Viscosity, Particle Size Distribution [D10, D50, D90], Powder Density [tap vs. bulk density], Flowability [median avalanche angle, flow through an orifice], Aging/Color Index (stability in solution viscosity and color), Gauge R&R, powder variability, cleaning process, shelf life, and the introduction of new polymer powders.  Powder characterization methodology and analytical characterization techniques will be presented.


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